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What Are Your Lemon Law Rights?
Author: Jon Arnold
When a car is sold to you that is not in the same condition it was advertised to be in or breaks down soon after you buy it due to a long-term problem that existed before you purchased the car, it is considered to be a lemon. Buying a car that is a lemon is unacceptable. You should not have to put up with the consequences involved with the purchase of a lemon car, such as paying for repairs or replacing it. This applies to both a new car or a used car.

What Is The Lemon Law?

The lemon law was introduced to protect everyday people from having to deal with a car that is considered a "lemon" or is faulty, through no fault of the new owner. The lemon law was designed to protect consumers and keep the car sales people honest, whether the sale is private or commercial. As a buyer, if you are told that a car is in good working order and soon after buying it, the vehicle breaks down, there is a big chance that the car was faulty before you bought it, as well as a good chance that the previous owner was already aware that the problem existed.

Every state has different rules and regulations with regard to the lemon law, but they have been set in place for the same reason and that is to protect the consumer from being taken advantage of by a dishonest seller.

Suspect Your Car Is A Lemon? Know Your Rights.

Before purchasing a car, either new or used, it is a good idea to research what your rights are with the lemon law and request a vehicle inspection from an outside company to make sure that the car is in good working order. These steps can help avoid a lemon law dispute after the purchase of a vehicle.

If you have just purchased a new or used car and suspect it is a lemon, you should first ask the private seller or car dealership where you purchased the vehicle to make the repairs, or cover the costs. Even in states with tough lemon laws, you will be required to attempt to resolve the problem with the seller first, which only makes good logical sense.

If they are not willing to repair a vehicle, even though, when they sold it to you, they gave you their word or a written document that the car was in good working order, you have rights under the lemon laws, so use them. There are two ways to exercise your lemon law rights - you can represent yourself or seek professional advice and representation from a lemon law attorney.

If you represent yourself, you must do a great deal of research and educate yourself on how the lemon laws work in your state. Representing yourself can be risky because you don't have the proper working knowledge of the legal system or may make mistakes that go in the favor of the seller.

A lemon law attorney specializes in the legalities of the lemon law in your state and how best to represent you and your dispute in a positive manner. You will also be given an insight on how the lemon laws work in your state and the legal process, all explained in simple, easy to understand terms. If you have a car that fits this description, a lemon law attorney is likely to be well worth the investment.

About the Author
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